We are Professionals

  who make authenticity with all our hearts

The health food of HORANGEE GUNGANGWON is directly managed by the plantation site. Korean medicine pharmacists select raw materials and produce them in a clean and safe production facility. HORANGEE GUNGANGWON, finding the best raw materials than elsewhere, verifying stability and making healthy products, is found to make the right healthy food.

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Korean Medicine
Doctor and Pharmacists
in the development

In all products of Horangee Gungangwon, we put the professional knowledges and heartfelt efforts of oriental doctors and pharmacists that have handled many ingredients over a long period of time.

Cultivation spots all over the country

We present to you made with the best ingredients harvested from our cultivation spots.

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A healthy body holds a healthy mind

For the health of our families and everyone else, We put the nature’s givings as it is, grown in the clean soil, clear air and in the light breeze so that you can have a healthy happiness close to nature whenever you want.

So that you can trust HORANGEE GUNGANGWON

We are maintaining a safe, and systematic quality management by the analyzation and monitoring by the 30 year old Saerom Pharmaceutical Company Oriental Medicine Research Lab.

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Healthy Everyday Habits

Begin your new, healthier day

  • Premium Traditional Health Food

  • from Nature Fresh & Healthy Juice

  • Special Care Health Functional Food

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